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Who's Who in Swing Dance

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World Swing Dance Championships
July 7, 1973

Contestants were allowed entry by invitation only. The competition was held at the Palladium in Hollywood California. There were over 2,000 people in attendance. The orchestra was Less Brown.


1. Pat Eggar & Darleene Greminger-Los Angeles, CA
2. Bobby Hefner & Helen Nielsen - Los Angeles, CA
3. George Christopherson & Dawn Manganelli-Los Angeles, CA

Other Contestants: in no particular order

Ron Andrews & Darlene (Goree) Hammon - Los Angeles, CA
Bob & Jane Armbruster - Houston, TX
Jerry & Jackie Cobb - Los Angeles, CA
Jerry & Susy Crim - Tulsa, OK
Jim Davis & Jane Hand - Los Angeles, CA
Mike Faille & Cooke Giamo - St. Louis, MO
Bill & Penny Crabree - Grand Prarie, TX
Lloyd Lickert & Mary Manzella - San Diego, CA
Leon & Colleen Raper - Los Angeles, CA
Jim Jackson & Sharon Bowman - Los Angeles, CA
Gus & Ophelia Luna - Houston, TX
Stan Perex & Louise Del Carlo - San Francisco, CA
Bob Ransom & Mary Thompson - Mesquite, TX
Michael Sullivan & Jeannie Petersen - Oakland, CA


Skippy Blair, Ray Fox, Laure' Haile, Victor Dru, Marie Sawyer.

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