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Who's Who in Swing Dance

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National Swing Competition - July 1977

The competition was held at the Crescendo in Anaheim California. Dean Collins was the Emcee. Contestants were judged on Timing, Choreography and Execution. Olympic judging techniques were used by throwing out the high and low scores.


1. Tom & Beverly Boots - Los Angeles, CA
2. Robert & Sandee Bryant - Los Angeles, CA
3. Wayne Lucas & Shirley Fietsam - Los Angeles, CA

Other Contestants: in no particular order

Jerry Crim & Jody Bridges - Tulsa, OK
Lloyd Lickert & Louise ???? - San Diego, CA
Jim Dickinson & Judy Popek - St. Louis, MO
Dewey Burton & Nancy Allen - Dallas, TX
Jack Sigler & ??? - San Diego, CA
Frank & Carolyn Nuncio - Dallas, TX
Frank Manio & Carolyn Nuncio - Dallas, TX
Jack Wells & Joyce Wallace - Dallas, TX
Flash & Candy Harris - Dallas, TX
William Heyl & Kristy Killmer - Seattle, WA


Laure' Haile, Harry Berlin, Rick Hannah, Kenny Wetzel, John Dennis, Norman Hirsh.

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