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Who's Who in Swing Dance

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Who's Who in Swing Dance

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Lorraine Edwards
See Lorraine Edwards Dossey

Pat Egger Havenhill
Birth Name: Reno Daniel Havenhill. Jr. (B: 12/14/1928, D: 3/24/2009)
Pat Egger and Darleene Greminger were two of the very few people who kept Swing Dancing from dying in the late 1960s and 1970s. They held swing dance competitions in Night Clubs throughout the greater Los Angeles, CA area.
Motion Pictures:
1954 Living It Up, partner Sheila O'Hare ... Film Clip
1955 Benny Goodman Story, partner Darleene Greminger Lind
Television Variety Shows:
Al Jarvis Show, partner Darleene Greminger Lind
Ken Murray's Blackouts, partner Darleene Greminger Lind
Competition Dancing:
1973 Worlds Swing Dance Championships, 1st Place, Palladium, Hollywood, CA, partner Darleene Greminger Lind
See Video
1993 California Swing Dance Hall of Fame, Shining Star Award

Mark Endo
Competition Dancing:
1994 US Open, Strictly Swing Div., 3rd Place, partner Kimberly Nelson
1995 US Open, Jack-N-Jill Div., 3rd Place, partner Sara Vail

Ulrika Ericsson
Ulrika danced with the Rhythm Hot Shots - an outstanding Lindy Hop performing group from Sweden.

Natalie Esparza
Television Variety Shows:
1983 Steve Allen Show "In The Swing," partner Bobbie Hefner (12/7/1983)
1991 California Swing Dance Hall of Fame, Shining Star Nomination
1993 California Swing Dance Hall of Fame, Golden Star Nomination

June Tomei Ewing
1992 California Swing Dance Hall of Fame, Shining Star Nomination

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